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Watch Racing Dreams Movie Online Streaming Megavideo HD for Free. Watch Racing Dreams Movie Online Streaming Megashare Without Downloading Racing Dreams follows three kids during a pivotal, career-making or breaking year, who dream of one day racing in NASCAR.Academy Award nominated director, Marshall Curry (Street Fight), takes us into the lives of Annabeth (11 years old), Josh (12), and Brandon (13) as they compete for the World Karting Association's National Championship. Clocking speeds of up to 70 mph in extreme racing karts, these young racers hope to follow the scores of great NASCAR drivers who got their start in racing's version of the little league.As they race their way through the year-long Championship series, they also navigate the treacherous road between childhood and young adulthood. In intimate moments of young love and family struggle we experience a time in life when allof us are just beginning to figure out who we are. -- (C) Official Site
Release Date Racing Dreams May 21, 2010 Wide
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Annabeth Barnes,Josh Hobson,Brandon Warren

Genres Racing Dreams : Documentary,Action & Adventure,Sports & Fitness,Special Interest

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User Ranting Racing Dreams : 3.8
User Percentage For Racing Dreams : 75 %
User Count Like for Racing Dreams : 628
All Critics Ranting For Racing Dreams : 7.3
All Critics Count For Racing Dreams : 23
All Critics Percentage For Racing Dreams : 100 %

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Review For Racing Dreams

Curry's impressionable, charismatic young subjects are impossible not to care about.
Robert Abele-Los Angeles Times

That said, Racing Dreams is one of the rare documentaries you leave wishing it was a little bit longer.
Stephen Holden-New York Times

Marshall Curry's sleek documentary captures the second-hand thrill of watching tweens hurtle at 70 mph around a blacktop, as it follows three potential superkarters over the course of a single season.
Eric Hynes-Time Out New York

Curry documents the huge pressure placed on these children not only to succeed on the track, but to raise the money needed to continue.
Andrew Schenker-Village Voice

The journey is thrilling -- even if, on some level, you know that these kids are going in circles.
David Edelstein-New York Magazine

For casual race fans, Racing Dreams is a real eye-opener. And it's a darned entertaining way to get a handle on a sport that can seem like a bunch of cars doing circles for a crowd that seems most interested in seeing that next epic wreck.
Roger Moore-Orlando Sentinel

It's impossible to watch these kids struggle in their daily life and not have some rooting interest in their on-track success.

Revealing portrait of 3 very different young people intensely focused on being champions, and the impact of their determination on their devoted families (and vice versa).
Nora Lee

If nothing else the racing scenes -- which look terrific, crisp and colorful, like the rest of the film -- will help the childless get in touch with their inner hysterical mother.
Stephanie Zacharek-Movieline

At the end of the film's 93 minutes Curry could have invited me to a frog-sexing competition and I'd have happily signed on.
Michelle Orange-Movieline

Nicely captures the milieu of, and the action in, the Go-Kart racing world.
Harvey S. Karten-Compuserve

Curry has expertly stitched together a 90-minute triumph in crowd-pleasing, wholesome entertainment.
Adam Keleman-Slant Magazine

[Director Marshall] Curry, who received an Academy Award for his 2005 documentary Street Fight, captures the pulse pounding excitement of the races throughout the multi-state series.
Steve Ramos-Boxoffice Magazine

Marshall Curry's documentary about three bright, personable youngsters who dream of becoming professional NASCAR drivers is simultaneously a feel-good celebration of youthful optimism and a sobering reminder that not all dreams come true.
Maitland McDonagh-Film Journal International

A Spellbound or Mad Hot Ballroom for the NASCAR set, Racing Dreams ends up speeding past its niche market and working its magic on anyone with a rooting interest in the dreams and ambitions of this country's youth.
Matt Brunson-Creative Loafing

Reveals a fascinating subculture that is unknown to most moviegoers, where tweens with a need for speed can spend up to 48 weekends a year behind the wheel...
John Beifuss-Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)

Even if you consider NASCAR itself a bore, you'll find this snapshot of what's often called its version of Little League compulsively watchable.
Frank Swietek-One Guy's Opinion

Marvelously shaped and sharpened by Curry, and teeming with concentrated racetrack suspense, Racing Dreams is a splendid picture that sincerely digs into the various forces that drag this specialized four-wheeled ambition along.

A fast-paced documentary with a straight away formula one storyline. From start to finish, you watch three talented kids putting pedal to metal on the track and in their lives. They're all winners! So's the film!

Racing Dreams makes these kids into our unofficial little brothers and sister for 96 minutes, without much to note beyond their devotion to the sport. It can get a bit redundant but always remains interesting, as young lives take shape on an asphalt oval.
Steve Persall-Tampa Bay Times

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