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Watch Brick Movie Online Streaming Megavideo HD for Free. Watch Brick Movie Online Streaming Megashare Without Downloading A tough-talking teen attempts to uncover his ex-girlfriend's killer in director Rian Johnson's hard-boiled high-school noir, told in the style of a Dashiell Hammett mystery. An outsider by nature, Brendan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is forced to penetrate the elaborate ranks of the high-school social scene and its more insidious underbelly when the body of his former girlfriend Emily is found lying lifeless in a remote creek. Though the pair had been on the outs, Brendan can't seem to shake the hysterical phone call that he received from Emily the day before her body was discovered, a call in which she rattled off a number of cryptic words: "brick," "pin," "tug," "poor Frisco." He's determined to find the guilty party, and to do that he'll need to uncover the meaning behind her enigmatic phone call. From the highest-ranking athlete to the lowest-level burnout, no one is above suspicion of leaving her in that creek or putting her in the position to end up there. Brendan's skill for getting the right attention from the right people leads him to a local drug dealer of urban-legendary status (Lukas Haas), who walks with a cane and lives with his mother. As Brendan infiltrates the social and political web more deeply, his theory solidifies and each player's role becomes clear, from the shifty-eyed pot slinger to an upper-crust innocent who may well be a femme fatale. Brendan may soon be ready to make his case, even if it's too late for him to get out. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
Release Date Brick Apr 21, 2006 Limited
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt,Nora Zehetner,Lukas Haas,Noah Fleiss,Noah Segan,Matt O'Leary,Meagan Good,Emilie De Ravin,Lucas Babin,Brian J. White,Richard Roundtree,Reedy Gibbs,Ari Welkom,Megan Good

Genres Brick : Drama,Action & Adventure,Horror,Mystery & Suspense

Visitor Ranting & Critics For Brick

User Ranting Brick : 3.9
User Percentage For Brick : 81 %
User Count Like for Brick : 100,833
All Critics Ranting For Brick : 7.1
All Critics Count For Brick : 136
All Critics Percentage For Brick : 80 %

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Review For Brick

The self-consciously mannered rat-a-tat-tat dialogue also mines a neat overlap between teen slang and noir patois, both of which can be indecipherable to non-initiates.
Ben Walters-Time Out

It's great to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Mysterious Skin) in the juicy role of a high-school gumshoe on the trail of his estranged girlfriend's killers.
David Edelstein-New York Magazine

Alas, Brick, from writer-director Rian Johnson, isn't as clever as its conceit.
Steven Rea-Philadelphia Inquirer

Brick is smart -- perhaps too smart for its own good at times. But in the end, its affectations add up to entertainment.
Tom Long-Detroit News

Although Brick can be a bit thick, you have to admire the effort.
Bill Muller-Arizona Republic

There's no denying that Brick is weirdly expressive, often when it seems most artificial. What begins as the most gimmicky sort of genre retread somehow evolves into that most elusive of films: a personal statement.
J. R. Jones-Chicago Reader

Smart, stylized teen whodunit with violence and drugs.
Jeffrey M. Anderson-Common Sense Media

Noir fits "Brick" like a glove, stylishly injecting assured tough talk, vice-grip tension, black humor, striking sound design and gunshots sounding like locker doors slammed on options. A great detective story and, for some, a high-school flashback.

The movie's rigorous dark-lined elegance leaves a punchy aftertaste
Fernando F. Croce-CinePassion

That rarest of things: a movie called 'unique' that actually is.
Ken Hanke-Mountain Xpress (Asheville, NC)

Mostly lives up to the hype.
Felix Vasquez Jr.-Cinema Crazed

This glorified student film is only barely elevated by the talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Brendan Frye a noir-speaking California high school misfit caught in the violent middle of a drug gang responsible for the death of his ex-girlfriend (Emilie de Ra

Brick is a black-comic ballet through the peculiar terrors of suburban adolescence...

Whatever it is, wherever it is, whenever it is, it's not remotely like anything else out there.

Brick exemplifies the difference between a cinematic talent show and mere karaoke.
Rob Humanick-Projection Booth

the school's cliques, cants and "class" politics are shown to be as amoral and impenetrable as any criminal netherworld dreamt up by Raymond Chandler.
Anton Bitel-Eye for Film

An innovative ride that carries the viewer into a world familiar from genre films and the novels of Dashiell Hammett, yet quite unlike anything we've seen before.
Erica Abeel-Film Journal International

A refreshing private-eye thriller in a style now widely identified as neo-noi.
Philip French-Observer [UK]

A good whodunit with some references to films made in the 1940s.
Robert Roten-Laramie Movie Scope

BRICK announces the arrival of a very unique voice in Rian Johnson.
Ted Murphy-Murphy's Movie Reviews

I can't really recommend it to anyone, unless it's one of those lazy video nights and you're in the mood to experiment.
JoBlo-JoBlo's Movie Emporium

Exercício de estilo corajoso e eficiente, o filme busca (com sucesso) ambientar sua trama noir em um colégio norte-americano, criando um "detetive" adolescente saído diretamente da forma que gerou Philip Marlowe e Sam Spade.
Pablo Villaca-Cinema em Cena

Suburban kitsch gets played fast and loose.
Dennis Schwartz-Ozus' World Movie Reviews

The teens in Rian Johnson's striking debut feature Brick express themselves in jargon that sounds as if lifted straight from the pages of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler.
-Sight and Sound

Brick is just an elaborate noir send-up, and an enjoyably kooky one at that
Jay Antani-Cinema Writer

Un thriller élaboré avec une vigueur et un savoir faire indéniable dont on doute par contre de la crédibilité à quelques reprises
Jean-François Vandeuren-Panorama

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