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Watch Mountain Patrol: Kekexili Movie In Theather

Watch Mountain Patrol: Kekexili Movie Online Streaming Megavideo HD for Free. Watch Mountain Patrol: Kekexili Movie Online Streaming Megashare Without Downloading Filmmaker Lu Chuan, who wrote and directed The Missing Gun, traveled to the remote border of China, Tibet, and Uygur, to make his next feature, Kekexili. Lu based the film on a true story about a reporter from Beijing, Ga Yu (Qi Liang), who traveled to the barren, frigid, high altitude region of the movie's title. Ga Yu had heard about volunteer patrols that were trying to protect the endangered Tibetan antelope from the poachers who were selling their pelts to be made into expensive, fashionable shawls. The cold-blooded murder of one of the patrol members at the hands of the well-armed poachers draws Ga Yu to a small village, where the leader of the patrol unit, Ritai (Tibetan actor Duobuji), agrees to take him out on a patrol, in the hopes that a story in the paper will spur the Chinese government to take stronger action to protect the animals. Ritai is determined to find the gunman responsible for slaughtering the animals, and for killing his comrade. His determination gradually becomes a deadly obsession. Lu shot his movie on location under dangerous conditions, with a cast of mostly nonprofessional actors. Though the film is from Mainland China, it won Hong Kong's Golden Horse Awards for Best Cinematography (Cao Yu) and Best Picture. It was also shown by Subway Cinema as part of the 2005 New York Asian Film Festival. ~ Josh Ralske, Rovi
Release Date Mountain Patrol: Kekexili Apr 14, 2006 Limited
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Duo Bujie,Zhang Lei,Qi Liang,Zhao Xueying,Ma Zhanlin,Duobuji

Genres Mountain Patrol: Kekexili : Drama,Action & Adventure,Art House & International

Visitor Ranting & Critics For Mountain Patrol: Kekexili

User Ranting Mountain Patrol: Kekexili : 4
User Percentage For Mountain Patrol: Kekexili : 87 %
User Count Like for Mountain Patrol: Kekexili : 3,642
All Critics Ranting For Mountain Patrol: Kekexili : 7.6
All Critics Count For Mountain Patrol: Kekexili : 49
All Critics Percentage For Mountain Patrol: Kekexili : 98 %

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Review For Mountain Patrol: Kekexili

Breathtakingly beautiful, breathtakingly brutal and simply breathtaking.
Steven Rea-Philadelphia Inquirer

Much of the time, the movie plays like a catalog of challenges sprawled over terrain so forbidding that you can't watch it without feeling a steep measure of awe.
Robert Denerstein-Denver Rocky Mountain News

An epic story of white-knuckle tension in a setting of harsh, unearthly beauty, it's the kind of story Hemingway might have told if he'd made it to the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
Colin Covert-Minneapolis Star Tribune

Instead of a laudable ecological crusade, the film feels more like a futile Captain Ahab obsession, with patrol leader Ri Tai (Duobujie) vainly chasing a poaching kingpin through the harsh, windy wilderness.
Bruce Westbrook-Houston Chronicle

One of the most beautiful and disturbing widescreen epics in last year's Seattle International Film Festival.
John Hartl-Seattle Times

What is remarkable is that this film is based on a true story, and filmed on the actual locations.
Roger Ebert-Chicago Sun-Times

An ode to the great sacrifices that often accompany the will to do the right thing.
Rob Humanick-Projection Booth

Moby Dick with a progressive spin.
Jeffrey Chen-Window to the Movies

One of those films that opens eyes to distant lands and problems and yet carries a sense of drama and a humane moral tone that conveys an appeal that's simultaneously exotic and universal.
Jack Garner-Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

The film's most memorable visual spectacle, of a man getting sucked into a pool of quicksand, is also the most resonant. Man may think he rules over nature, but it can take him back at any moment.
Phil Villarreal-Arizona Daily Star

Mixes environmental awareness and spiritual mindfulness with its chase scenes through grand scenery.
Marrit Ingman-Austin Chronicle

A fascinating oddity, marked by amazing locales and a narrative that continually subverts your expectations...the effect is hypnotic.
Frank Swietek-One Guy's Opinion

Duobuji shows he has a strong, charismatic presence in his role as the patrol leader, Ritai.
Jeff Vice-Deseret News, Salt Lake City

Mountain Patrol, peppered with shocking revelations of just how suddenly and brutally death can come calling, has the look and feel of a documentary.
Larry Ratliff-San Antonio Express-News

A strange and sometimes compelling film that absolutely transports you to a remote corner of the world but doesn't quite do enough to make you feel steady on your feet once you get there.
Shawn Levy-Oregonian

It's an absurdist, quixotic and sloooow journey that leads our heroes to the banal face of evil.
Chris Hewitt (St. Paul)-St. Paul Pioneer Press

A quiet little gem of a film that stuns with spectacular beauty, shocks with awful savagery and leaves you pondering the relationship of man and nature.
Jean Lowerison-San Diego Metropolitan

Spectacularly-photographed, deeply moving tale.
Wade Major-Boxoffice Magazine

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