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Watch Apocalypse Now Redux Movie Online Streaming Megavideo HD for Free. Watch Apocalypse Now Redux Movie Online Streaming Megashare Without Downloading Francis Coppola had more than his share of production difficulties while shooting his epic-scale Vietnam War drama Apocalypse Now, including disastrous weather conditions, problems with his leading men (Harvey Keitel was fired after less than two weeks on the project and was replaced by Martin Sheen, who suffered a heart attack midway through production), and a schedule and budget that quickly spiraled out of control (originally budgeted at $10 million, the film's final cost was over $30 million). But Coppola's troubles didn't end when he got his footage into the editing room, and he tinkered with a number of different structures and endings before settling on the film's 153-minute final cut in time for its initial theatrical release in 1979. Twenty-two years later, Francis Coppola returned to the material, and created Apocalypse Now Redux, an expanded and re-edited version of the film that adds 53 minutes of footage excised from the film's original release. In addition to adding a number of smaller moments that even out the film's rhythms, Apocalypse Now Redux restores two much-discussed sequences that Coppola chose not to include in his original edition of the film -- an encounter in the jungle between Willard (Martin Sheen), his crewmates Chief (Albert Hall), Clean (Larry Fishburne), Chef (Frederic Forrest), and Lance (Sam Bottoms) and a trio of stranded Playboy models on a U.S.O. tour, as well as a stopover at a plantation operated by French colonists De Marais (Christian Marquand) and Roxanne (Aurore Clement). Apocalypse Now Redux received a limited theatrical release in August of 2001 after a well-received screening at the Cannes Film Festival -- the same month that the film finally reached theaters in 1979, after a rough cut received a Golden Palm award at the Cannes Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
Release Date Apocalypse Now Redux Aug 17, 2001 Limited
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Martin Sheen,Marlon Brando,Robert Duvall,Frederic Forrest,Albert Hall,Samuel Bottoms,Laurence Fishburne,Dennis Hopper,G.D. Spradlin,Harrison Ford,Jerry Ziesmer,Scott Glenn,Cynthia Wood,Colleen Camp,Linda Carpenter,Christian Marquand,Aurore Clement,Michael Herr

Genres Apocalypse Now Redux : Drama

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User Ranting Apocalypse Now Redux : 4.3
User Percentage For Apocalypse Now Redux : 90 %
User Count Like for Apocalypse Now Redux : 2,507
All Critics Ranting For Apocalypse Now Redux : 7.8
All Critics Count For Apocalypse Now Redux : 80
All Critics Percentage For Apocalypse Now Redux : 93 %

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Review For Apocalypse Now Redux

Packs every bit the wallop it did when it was new.
Roger Moore-Orlando Sentinel

The film is even more imperfect -- and, curiously, still an odd masterpiece.
Joe Baltake-Sacramento Bee

The originally released version wasn't broken, but Coppola can fix it as long as he wants, as far as I'm concerned.
Eric Harrison-Houston Chronicle

Redux doesn't redefine Apocalypse Now -- rather, it adds archival material. But it's terrific to see the film back in theaters.
Steven Rosen-Denver Post

This is the one where [Coppola] honors his vision -- or clears his name, whichever way you look at it.
Desson Thomson-Washington Post

The restored footage, nearly an hour of it, has at once bloated and diluted the work we've known and half-loved, undercutting its still-astonishing strengths while making its flaws leap out with unprecedented clarity.
David Edelstein-Slate

[VIDEO ESSAY] "Apocalypse Now" all but ruined Francis Coppola as a director. It remains a staggering achievement of pure provocative cinema.

The episodic nature is less apparent in Redux, the pacing surprisingly smoother as a result.
Rob Humanick-Slant Magazine

Redux's virtues far outweigh its flaws. Apocalypse Now in any version remains one of the richest, most extravagant moviegoing experiences
Jeffrey Overstreet-Looking Closer

The new version shows that Coppola had originally intended something far more political, and while some of the new stuff could've remained lost, it does not diminish the movie's impact.
Bob Grimm-Sacramento News & Review

The best picture of all time.
Kevin N. Laforest-Montreal Film Journal

Revisiting this enlarged, much improved version reaffirms its status as Coppola's last masterpiece but also suggests that as a surreal meditation on the madness and folly of Vietnam, it should be considered a horror epic rather than a than just a war film
Emanuel Levy-EmanuelLevy.Com

The new version adds a weight and depth lacking in the original cut.
Ken Hanke-Mountain Xpress (Asheville, NC)

Worth a single viewing for the curious, but definitely not for the purist.

Coppola leaves untouched the one section that cried out for a new edit - the murky finale that puts the "near" in "near masterpiece.
Jeffrey Westhoff-Northwest Herald (Crystal Lake, IL)

...a more user-friendly, politically correct Apocalypse Now with kinder, gentler characters, blabbermouth political diatribes, comic relief and mind-numbing repetition.
Sean Burns-Philadelphia Weekly

Almost an hour of new footage has been added to the film, making an already long film even longer, but not better.
Robert Roten-Laramie Movie Scope

Sometimes it's just better to leave well enough alone.
Matt Easterbrook-Matt's Movie Reviews

Its sprawling, episodic process evokes the history-as-imagistic mosaic employed by T.S. Eliot, whose work is referenced brazenly and repeatedly throughout the film.
Walter Chaw-Film Freak Central

...a longer, slower, more bloated version of [the] incendiary masterpiece which retains much of its power but suffers from some seriously unnecessary revisions.
Rob Vaux-Flipside Movie Emporium

Brings back bad memories to those who were protesters.
Dennis Schwartz-Ozus' World Movie Reviews

Unlike so many of today's films, which are instantly disposable from first frame to last, Coppola's opus has so many moments of pure cinematic genius that once seen, they stay with us forever.
Robert W. Butler-Kansas City Star

A magnificent new edition of the Coppola film.
Jack Garner-Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

What has not changed with Apocalypse Now Redux -- and the reason to go see it again -- are the visceral body blows it still delivers.
Sean Means-Salt Lake Tribune

This was the greatest Vietnam movie of its time, and it remains so.
Lawrence Toppman-Charlotte Observer

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