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Philip Roth, arguably America's greatest living novelist, turns 80 on March 19. In 1959, his collection of short stories, Goodbye, Columbus, put him on the map, and 10 years later his hilarious, ribald best-seller, Portnoy's Complaint, gave rise to the first of many Roth-related controversies in which Judaism, sex, the role of women, and the parent-child relationship would take center stage. In candid interviews, the Pulitzer Prize-winner discusses his distinctly unliterary upbringing in Newark, NJ, his admiration for Saul Bellow and Bernard Malamud, his "brutal and lurid" first marriage, and how Zuckerman may or may not be his alter-ego. Nathan Englander, Mia Farrow, Jonathan Franzen, and Martin Garbus are among those who talk about the man and his writing. Franzen in particular praises Roth for "how brave he must have been to have methodically offended everybody and to have exposed parts of himself no one had ever exposed before."
Release Date Philip Roth: Unmasked Mar 13, 2013 Limited
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Philip Roth,Nathan Englander,Mia Farrow,Jonathan Franzen,Martin Garbus

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User Ranting Philip Roth: Unmasked : 3.9
User Percentage For Philip Roth: Unmasked : 83 %
User Count Like for Philip Roth: Unmasked : 95
All Critics Ranting For Philip Roth: Unmasked : 6.3
All Critics Count For Philip Roth: Unmasked : 15
All Critics Percentage For Philip Roth: Unmasked : 67 %

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It's great to see extensive interview footage with the relaxed and funny author, but Philip Roth: Unmasked shies away from controversy and, as a result, feels a bit sanitized.
Tom Beer-Newsday

Frustratingly little light is shed on either Roth's life or his work by this series of interviews with the novelist and a curious selection of admirers.
Kyle Smith-New York Post

For some 90 minutes, it's pretty much just one guy talking. But what a guy!
Stephanie Zacharek-NPR

This dully conventional biography doesn't do justice to its subject.
Elizabeth Weitzman-New York Daily News

Philip Roth may be unmasked but is only partially revealed in this very personable documentary portrait of one of the leading American literary figures of the past half-century.
Todd McCarthy-Hollywood Reporter

Roth was dashing, charming, a little dangerous, one of his college friends tells us, but she doesn't need to say it. It's manifest, and it's still true.
Alan Scherstuhl-Village Voice

That neither Krauss nor anyone has anything remotely unflattering to say about the subject points to the fundamental dishonesty of the work, which extends from its excessive reverence.
Troy Patterson-Slate

Admiring if less than revealing documentary about one of the great writers of our time.
David Noh-Film Journal International

Sticking to what's on the page pays off, especially with regard to Roth's undervalued late novels, but also means he has [the filmmakers] just where he wants them.
Sam Adams-AV Club

In spite of the film's exhaustive chronology, those who deduce from its title that they're in for an unveiling, or an unraveling, of a major literary figure may come out empty-handed.
Ela Bittencourt-Slant Magazine

Why would Roth give himself over to filmmakers who'd make a movie as dull and superficial as this one?..Makes you long for the doc that could be made by a real filmmaker
Marshall Fine-Hollywood & Fine

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