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A masterful debut from one of England's boldest and brightest new talents, Sally El Hosaini's MY BROTHER THE DEVIL stars James Floyd as Rashid, a young man from a traditional Arab family who runs with a gang that rules the streets of Hackney, one of London's most ethnically-mixed and historically volatile neighborhoods. Rashid's younger brother, Mo, (Fadi Elsayed) idolizes his handsome, charismatic older brother and dreams of following in his footsteps, but Rashid envisions a different life for Mo and insists that he stay away from gang life and stick to his studies. When Rashid forms a bond with Sayyid (Said Taghmaoui), an older man of similar background who is now a successful photographer, he is introduced to a world he never knew existed. But, just as he decides he wants out of his dead-end life on the streets, Mo decides he wants in, and starts doing drug runs behind Rashid's back. Headed on a collision course of conflicting desires, each young man is forced to face himself and confront the brother he thought he knew. (c) Paladin
Release Date My Brother The Devil Mar 22, 2013 Limited
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Said Taghmaoui,James Floyd,Fady Elsayed,Aymen Hamdouchi,Ashley Thomas,Anthony Welsh,Arnold Oceng,Letitia Wright,Amira Ghazalla,Elarica Gallacher,Nasser Memarzia,Ashley Bashy Thomas,Nicola Harrison

Genres My Brother The Devil : Drama

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User Ranting My Brother The Devil : 3.9
User Percentage For My Brother The Devil : 79 %
User Count Like for My Brother The Devil : 1,746
All Critics Ranting For My Brother The Devil : 7.2
All Critics Count For My Brother The Devil : 40
All Critics Percentage For My Brother The Devil : 90 %

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Review For My Brother The Devil

A story of brothers that's both tough and tender.
Michael O'Sullivan-Washington Post

"My Brother the Devil" is a promising debut that marks El Hosaini as a filmmaker to watch, but one still very much in the developmental stages.
Mark Olsen-Los Angeles Times

For at least part of its length, "My Brother the Devil" brings refreshing changes to a genre badly in need of them.
Farran Smith Nehme-New York Post

Nuances of faith, politics and sexual identity enrich what initially presents as a classic good son-bad son tale, and although the film's melting-pot patois is occasionally too dense to decipher, we get the gist.
Jeannette Catsoulis-New York Times

El Hosaini fights the conventions of the brotherly gangster melodrama, but the conventions win.
Mark Jenkins-NPR

It's far superior to what usually comes out of the British slums in the genre of gangland thrillers.
Rex Reed-New York Observer

Ultimately feels a little flat, but there's promise that the director will carry on to stronger work, with several scenes here delivering exceptional grace and texture that all but guarantees a bright cinematic future.

Sally El Hosaini shows a deft hand in her story telling and direction belying her inexperience behind the camera.
Robin Clifford-Reeling Reviews

When a both a dog and friend of Rashid's are killed in a violent gang encounter, El Hosaini frames both of their lifeless bodies on the street in a powerful image that tells of two innocents both bred to fight.
Laura Clifford-Reeling Reviews

[El Hosaini] has a devil of a time getting a handle on this complicated story.
Chris Hewitt (St. Paul)-St. Paul Pioneer Press

Familiar youth crime/coming-of-age framework, novel setting and focus group.
Kelly Vance-East Bay Express

El Housani's freshman effort is certainly visually accomplished, but there's precious little meat on its bones.

Highly recommended. (Writer-director) El Hosaini handles the various volatile relationships within the film with intelligence and sensitivity.
Fr. Chris Carpenter-Movie Dearest

An engrossing debut from director Sally El Hosaini, My Brother the Devil is as authentic, emotionally complex and powerfully acted as any film you'll see this year.
Simon Brookfield-We Got This Covered

Unsure performances and some decades-old gangster-film stereotypes hamper this acute, beautifully shot portrait of Egyptian teenagers fighting to survive in a rough London neighborhood.
Chris Barsanti-Film Journal International

With My Brother the Devil, writer-director Sally El Hosaini tells a story both operatic in its implications and quotidian in its sensory, day-to-day details.
Steve Macfarlane-Slant Magazine

It's refreshing to see a new generation reinterpret the classics. James Cagney would be proud.
Mike D'Angelo-AV Club

There probably aren't too many Welsh-Egyptian writer-directors like newcomer Sally El Hosaini. But she's clearly representative of a new kind of diversity in modern Britain. And one which bodes well for its filmmaking future.
Graham Young-Birmingham Mail

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